Monday, January 16, 2012

DO: See JAMM at Bally's Las Vegas

Bally's is my favorite place to stay when in Vegas.  One of the main reasons I love Bally's is to see this highly talented band play.  JAMM is the house band at the Indigo Lounge at Bally's.  I have the luck to see them during the week when we stay at Bally's.  What I love about the Indigo Lounge is that it is very open (no doors or walls!).  They do have tables and seats, with wait staff that will serve you drinks, but you can also watch them from the slot machines and hear them while at Blackjack, Roulette, or Craps.  There is a small dance floor directly in front of the band, where about 8 couples can comfortably dance.  The lighting is dark and focused on the band, but the best show, in my opinion, is watching the ladies playing the slot machines right outside the lounge dance in their seats while playing Wheel of Fortune or Triple Butterflies.  The Indigo Lounge is also right next door to the Tequilla Bar, which has $2 tacos, draft beers and frozen house margaritas.  So, I love to check in on my boyfriend (who is putting in a 8 hr shift at the blackjack table), go grab a few tacos and wash it down with a beer and enjoy some great music to put me in that Vegas mood!  If it weren't for JAMM, I would be retiring early to bed.  They help keep you motivated and energized, which I need at 10 pm!  (Especially since I wake up around 5 am in Vegas).

JAMM is a band that appeals to the masses.  No matter what your age, background, ethnicity, or music preference is, they have a set list that rivals that of a wedding band.  Expect a mix of everything from the 50s to today.  I enjoy them because they are upbeat and act completely professional.  You can tell this group has been around for awhile, by the spot on performances and how they easily transition from an upbeat modern song to a slow, relaxing cool 70s ballad.  Their female vocalist can belt out a wide range, and isn't scared to show it off, either.  I have seen this band play a lot of Chicago, Earth, Wind & Fire, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, and even Frank Sinatra.  Here is a youtube video of JAMM with their frontman, Jonathan Potenciano, singing Frank Sinantra's The Way You Tonight

HINT: JAMM is a band that has a facebook fan page.  Check out Bally's or JAMM's page on Facebook the week you are in Vegas to see when/where they are performing.  Then, go to Bally's and grab a late night snack at the Tequilla Bar (open til 6 am!) for $10 and enjoy the show!

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